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Started By garethit (fflint, wales, uk)
Started on: 6/9/2005 4:55:49 PM, viewed 3427 times

Just wondering if anyone had heard from this guy lately, he was apparently training a quite a few people on extremely abbreviated routines consisting of a couple of sets of statics every 7-21days. I dunno about the rest of you but i found his posts about the routines and gains he was getting with clients fascinating. Just wondering if anyone is still in contact with this guy and if he′s still training clients this way.

thanx Gareth.

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Analyzer (CDA, id, U.S.A.) on 6/9/2005 6:03:10 PM

I got an email from him a few weeks ago, I should write him as it′s been a while. He′s been training people in that way still also still working on finding minimum intensity/inroads for optimal stimulation on advanced people.

I′ll have to email him and say howdy, see how he′s doing. I ′ll let ya know if he′s up to any new ideas :)


B-WINE (Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands) on 6/10/2005 6:42:36 AM

That would be interesting, AZ!

Analyzer (CDA, id, U.S.A.) on 6/10/2005 11:03:40 AM

I′ll write him this weekend then and let you guys know :)

Analyzer (CDA, id, U.S.A.) on 6/13/2005 9:48:22 PM

Just got an email! Very inspiring :)


Could you please pass on to the ones on the H.I.T. forum who were wondering what I am up to these days, that I am still working out the glitches in the theory I shared with you concerning the issue of being partially verses completely of 100% overcompensated on a workout to workout basis. I have had one person to date who is willing to apply the concept of adding time off after every workout, and his strength gains are very consistant from workout to workout. However I do not know if his consistant gains are synonomous with being 100% overcompensated at every workout, but they are in my opinion close. His rate of strength incease dropped off measureably before applying the concept of adding time off after every workout, and after implimenting this procedure, his rate of gain has been reinstated to the level of what it was before the drop off. For example full range shrugs were going up by 10 pounds per workout, for many workouts in a row, and then his rate of gain per shrug workout declined to where he was achieving a 5 pound increase, then 2.5 pound increase per workout. All the while I had been telling him that his strength rate increase was on the decline, and that we had better add more time off before the strength gains on the shrug declined to nothing. He was pretty strong on shrugs to begin with, 365 for strict form reps using just chalk in a power rack, as he is no stranger to weight training. My client was going up fine until he almost hit a plateau, and then his gains went back up to his previous 10 pounds per workout, when he started not only added extra time off to compensate for the increased demands of progressive overload, but also added time off after every single workout as well to ensure his rate of increase was at it′s highest possible level per workout. His frequency of training is now about 23 days between workouts, which is now roughly 46 days between shrug workouts. I am alternating between Static Contraction Training and Full Range workouts with him to determine which causes the greatest adaptive response within his various muscular structures. Now he adds more time off after every workout, and not just between shrug workouts alone. He has made great in both muscular size, muscular strength, and decreases in body fat since appplyingthis new approach. I cannot say I came up with anything, as the full credit really goes to Mike Mentzer as my inspiration for thinking in this direction. As I mentioned to you previously, I have been aware of the partial verses complete 100% overcompensation process for about 10 years now, as I read an article in Flex magazine circa 1995, entitled something like "MOM WAS RIGHT , REST AND GROW." It just never clicked in or registered with me like it does now.

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