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Started By discipleofmentzer (INDIANAPOLIS, IN, U.S.A.)
Started on: 10/27/2006 9:26:57 AM, viewed 3889 times
Post workout shake

500 ml water
2 scoop whey protein powder
1 scoop corn sugar (dextrose) available from a home brew beer making supply or online.

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rajneesh_10 (NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA) on 10/30/2006 10:57:27 AM

Why use 2 scoops of whey protein?
Doesn′t the latest research says that only 6 grams of EAAa are sufficient pre and post workout?

6 grams of EAAs can be found in 15 grams of whey protein or even in 16 oz of milk or 50grams of skim milk powder.

Suplement companies would have us use a full scoop (1oz=28g) , so that we go thru the protein jar quickly and reorder.

Pls let me know what you think.

discipleofmentzer (INDIANAPOLIS, IN, U.S.A.) on 10/30/2006 1:45:43 PM

That′s what I thought too. That′s what I said when a competetive bodybuilder told me to use 2 scoops of protein instead of 1. After much discussion what we agreed upon is this:

Double your protein intake for 6 months in a balanced mass gaining diet and see if it makes a difference. If you don′t like the results, do not keep doing it. If you like the results, you will be glad you did.

I was 200lbs and wasn′t getting any bigger. I increased my protien, balanced my diet, and within a few months other people were telling me I was getting bigger. People noticed increases in my chest and arms. I noticed that my thighs did not fit in my pants, even though the waist was loose. I got on the scale and I weighed 196. I was eating more with a larger percentage of my diet as protein. The result was more muscles, and less fat at about the same weight.

Regardless of the research, more protein make me bigger. What will it do for you?

rajneesh_10 (NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA) on 10/31/2006 9:00:44 AM

Great to hear about your fantastic progress.Wish I was progressing like that .I feel like I have the worst genetics in the world.My bodyweight just can′t seem to go up beyond the 145 lb mark at a height of 5′10" and waist of 32 inch.At one point about 3-4 yrs ago I weighed at 166lbs at a waist of 36 inch,but then I wasn′t really training hard at that time and wasn′t serious about weight training.

bloodandguts (Alburg, vt, U.S.A.) on 10/31/2006 4:26:00 PM

on the other side of the coin, I dropped my protien intake to about 75 grams a day (about half what it was) in mid august this year and have seen NO noticeable difference in my rate of gains or progress, but have noticed a huge difference in my grocery bill ;-)

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