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Started By RedDog84 (Miami, Florida, U.S.A.)
Started on: 2/1/2007 11:20:05 AM, viewed 3109 times
I want some Juice

I′ve been thinking about using Steroids.
But I really am not interested in consuming coctails of Steroid.

Does anyone here know of any real information on the use of Steroid?

All I really want is to recover faster to train more frequently.

I seen a documentary were there was a guy who use Steroid for the past 40 years and he is doing great with no secondary effects.

There was another documentary on steroids that I saw where one guy was breaking out real Disgusting he look like a monsters, the other guy was having emotional problem and the third guy did great but was having ligaments and tendon pain.

I′ve read somewhere that mike did use Anabolics but not as much as the other BB did.

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KR0ME (London, S, England) on 2/4/2007 10:35:02 AM

Dont bother use steroids, real long term gains must be built drug free.

If you are going to use them anyway, you should wait until you have built the maximum natural muscle mass, (which I dont believe you have). Then even if you decide to use them, all the gains will diminish when you stop taking why even bother?

afrdmd (Bala Cynwyd, PA, U.S.A.) on 2/4/2007 1:46:25 PM

Unless its going to enhance your career and you′re livelihood depends on it(ie. pro football), whats′ the point?

constricter (Fllintstone, GA, U.S.A.) on 7/17/2008 12:53:30 PM

unlike the other people on i understand where your coming from and if you want to do them you should but just as you said i wouldnt want to do any cocktails ether. But a good site to go look at and get plenty of information on them is good prices and the stuff works i have never used any of the products my self but many of my friends have used the d-bol, test suspension, and winnie-v not at once mind you but they used different ones and all had great size increaces, but the best stgrewngth gains were form the test and d-bol but winnie will cut you up incredibly while size increases. Also i wouldnt take the recommended dosages i would do sligtly less.

perrymk (Havana, FL, U.S.A.) on 7/17/2008 6:01:19 PM

"It all boils down to an ethical decision that rests with each individual: do the benefits of taking drugs such as anabolic steroids outweight the potential risks? Is liver impairment, sterility and an empty future worth a trophy and a handshake. It is up to you to decide"
MM, A Logical Approach to Muscle Building Heavy Duty (original HD booklet), page 33

"My personal opinion is that anabolic steroids do facilitate muscular growth. ...I′ve seen better gains while on anabolic steroids. Not dramatically better gains, but better."
MM, A Logical Approach to Muscle Building Heavy Duty (original HD booklet), page 35

"If you decide to do the drugs then do so only under the supervision of a doctor. Remember, too, that all the drugs in the world won′t help you exceed the limits imposed by your hereditary potential. There is no magic potion."
MM, A Logical Approach to Muscle Building Heavy Duty (original HD booklet), page 35

Check out the book "Better than Steroids" by Dr. Warren Willey. An excellent alternative.

Reasons to use: you can get bigger and stronger
Reasons not to use: you can get arrested which can really screw up your life, you can damage your health, you can get ripped off by unscrupulous drug dealers

Notice I say "can", not "will".

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