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Started By IRONstan (stoke-on-trent, ST, UK)
Started on: 10/20/2008 2:14:01 PM, viewed 1770 times

Hi all, it′s been a while since I was last on. Having recently got over a serious case of food poisoning I am trying to get back to my usual routine. However with a busy schedule of university and work I always have to prepare my meals for the next day, the night before and do not always have the facilities to heat or cook food while I am out.

I usually prepare chicken salad with rice that can be eaten cold and supplies me with ample sources of protein and carbs, but this gets very tideous doing it everyday.

What I am looking for is new recipies and ideas that I can use to add variety to my meals and make it more interesting and enjoyable to get back on track with my bodybuilding goals. N.B. I need to be able to eat these meals without having to re-heat. Anyones help and contribution would be much appreciated.

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perrymk (Havana, FL, U.S.A.) on 10/20/2008 4:48:46 PM

As an alternative to rice consider couscous or pasta. Replace the chicken with tuna or salmon once in a while. I′m partial to all white meat albacore tuna. Bean salad is also an option to add variety.

When I was a student I would cook in the morning. A favorite was rice. During the last 15 minutes add some vegetables (carrots, onions, etc), crack an egg or two overtop to poach, or add cheese. I would transfer it to a thermos and it would stay warm for several hours.

Once in a while make a sandwich for variety.

sabotage_81 (Birmingham, B42, UK) on 10/20/2008 7:00:27 PM

Nice to hear you′re getting over your illness. I also get really bored eating the same thing over and over. When i′m at work I usually just stick to sandwiches, chicken and tomato or tuna and mayonaise I also eat fruit, mainly bananas and nutri-grain bars and on occassion i′ll take a protein drink which consists of a scoop of chocolate whey and some semi-skimmed milk powder mixed in water, it tastes rather good although I usually eat normal food. Sometimes i′ll eat some of the healthier style crisps that are very low fat.

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