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Started By mrcatalyst (new milton, hampshire, u.k.)
Started on: 3/13/2009 5:05:26 PM, viewed 3180 times
HIT Question..

Am I right in expecting (not just wanting) to see strength/rep gains from every workout?

Should I be discouraged if one week′s workout mirrors the previous in having like-for-like records?

If one session I perform 12 reps of 90kg Squats and the next session I do 10 reps of 95kg, is this a gain or not?

It makes sense to me to see strength/rep gains p/workout as I′m weight training to induce growth stimulation and allowing enough time for my body to adapt and meet the demands placed upon it. However, does my body need to be ′convinced′ by 2-3 ′system shocks′ (sessions) before developing and adjusting to the demands of its new environment?

A loose (and probably poor) metaphor would be: I read the chapter of a book. Having read a chapter I proceed to the next when I feel like reading more. However, I may need to re-read the first chapter more than once before I have fully absorbed and processed the information of the text..
I am not yet ready to read the second chapter of a story if I haven′t understood/taken on the pre-ceeding information. I may of waited until I felt ready to continue my reading BUT I need to re-read said chapter before continuing. I do hope that makes sense... :)

Thanks for your time, either way.. I′m writing my workouts down so I′ll be able to relay my findings to you soon.

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Nothing (New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.) on 3/13/2009 9:14:28 PM

Any time you can increase weight and keep reps around your goal range, that is a successful workout. Next workout, I would expect you to get 11 or 12 reps with 95 kg. It takes time after the initial beginner stages. We′re running a marathon here, not a sprint unfortunately. Muscle increases will come with time, sometimes very quickly, but more often than not, very slowly. Just make sure you′re getting stronger each session and eating a positive calorie balance.

Dopamine (concord, ca, U.S.A.) on 3/13/2009 9:18:29 PM

Good question. From what I have read about this type of training you are supposed to have gains every time, but i don′t believe this is true for most people, especially me. I don′t have gains in all exercises every time and it is frustrating for me, I think part of the problem is I only have free weights so that makes it much harder(machines are easier to progress on). Barbell curls and dumbbell laterals are good examples. I have progressed very little on them. However I have significantly increased my dead lift in the past 4 months. I guess What I have learned is, big compound movements are easier to progress on and same with good machines.

It is a downer not having gains each time, but that′s just part of lifting. Don′t let it get to you, you must keep pushing. A problem though would be if you regress on a exercise, then your not doing something right.

You could also try some advanced techniques, maybe some of those will help. I will be trying rest-pause soon.

Hope I helped.

Nothing (New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.) on 3/14/2009 8:31:09 AM

The reason you are probably having problems with free weights is not having enough smaller weights to progress with. It′s hard to progress with straight DBs because you have to make 5 lb weight jumps on each DB. Also what′s the smallest plates you have to use? My guess would be 5 or 2.5 lbs. I would look into some 1.25 lb plates and micro weights that are usually around 1.25 lbs a peice and are magnetized to stick to the side of a DB. This will help you continue to make progress on exercises where it′s not possible to make big weight jumps each session.

Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 3/14/2009 8:36:15 AM

You′ll be stronger every workout if you recover between workouts but it doesn′t mean that you′ll gain a rep or a few pounds every workout. It can take several workouts before you can add a rep. You′ll fail at 10x100 week 1, then fail again at 10x100 week 2 but the 11th rep was closer than last week and finaly on week 3 you′ll make it : 11x100. If after a month you don′t have make progress then you might be overtrained.

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