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Started By unleash-the-beast (Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa)
Started on: 4/19/2011 11:01:06 AM, viewed 2058 times
Diet Help

Hey guys

I′m new to the forum and would like some advice on Mike′s diet recommendation. Some of my stats:
19 years old
11.9% bodyfat

Goal: To get to 6% bodyfat in 12 weeks for a bodybuilding show.

He recommended a 60% carb, 25% protein and 15% fat diet.
I was wondering if this is an effective macronutrient ratio for cutting/bulking? I want to cut down at the moment and came up with this diet, starting at about maintanence calories and adjusting week by week as I lose weight.

#1- 125g Ace Instant Porridge (same thing as instant grits)
250ml full cream milk


#2- 125g Ace Instant Porridge
250ml full cream milk
2 whole eggs

#3- 120g tuna
4 slices whole grain bread
1 tbsp fat free mayo

#4- same as meal #3

#5- 200g cooked white rice
100g 95% lean ground beef

#6- same as meal #5

Calories 3233 kCal
Carbs 487g 61% (34g fiber)
Protein 191g 24%
Fat 53g 15%

Any advice will be much appreciated

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Nothing (New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.) on 4/19/2011 7:53:23 PM

Honestly 220 and 11.9% bodyfat as a natural seems highly unlikely. Would you post a pic online and provide a link so we can give our opinion. Most people tend to under estimate just how much fat they have.

Your calories seem fine for maintenance at 220 lbs, but there′s no way you′ll be able to cut at that level without some major cardio added. I′m also not a fan of dieting by percentages. We have made a lot of advances in nutritional knowledge since Mike wrote about diet. I would read up at for guidance on diet.

unleash-the-beast (Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa) on 4/20/2011 12:39:16 AM

My bodyfat may be a bit more since most of my bodyfat is around the stomach region. Maybe 13-14%. Anyhow, I just want to start the diet at maintenance for like maybe a week, and if I don′t lose fat then, I will adjust the diet. I like Mike′s ratios and it sounds very logical to me. I′m gonna try it out and see what happens. Just wanted people′s opinion on it?

Nothing (New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.) on 4/20/2011 7:43:25 AM

Then my input to your diet is that I would rather see yo drop the instant porridge and go for something slightly less processed like whole oats. I would also drop the white rice for brown. And you don′t have any fruits and vegetables in the diet. I would cut back on carbs in places to make room for a few servings each day.

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