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Started By kirompower (Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Started on: 5/21/2011 2:48:05 AM, viewed 13665 times
Problem gainig weight

Hi guys this is my first post here :)
I have a great problem gaining weight. I am a small individual 170cm tall and weigh 60kilos. I′ve been training on the ideal program for 2 months now.(Chest&Back;Legs;Delts&Arms;Legs) And strenght wise it works, I mean I am increasing weight almost every second workout, but I haven′t gained not even 1 pounds for those 2 months, well probably my legs are little bigger but I suppose that is due to the fact that before I started the HIT routine I haven′t trained legs at all. My rest period between workouts is 5-7 days. So I need desperately to gain weight and I was wondering is there a program for people who gain weight really hard (probably the consolidation program?).

Here is some info about me so you can better understand my battered genetics :P
Started training 2 years ago (volume training-really stupid) and as every beginner I made some progress but not much:
This picture shows a comparison before I started lifting and half a year later, after 1.5 years (now) I am not much different probably have a little more mass but not much. So having made no progress for 1.5 year I started to investigate and found HIT which I really think is the right way to train ;)
And here is what I eat almost every day now:
1. 3 eggs(only 1 yolk) and a bowl of pure oats with a spoon of honey and water (don′t drink milk because of acne :( )
2. Carb snack
4. Banana and protein shake (ON)
5. 200grams of chicken breasts with boiled rice or potatoes
6. 2 egg whites with some fruit (apple or banana)
7. Plane yogurt
8. 200grams of Chicken breasts or Tuna with salad and slice of multygrain bread without flour
9. Sometimes I eat low fat cottage cheese