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Started By cycotcskir (Parkville, Md, U.S.A.)
Started on: 9/12/2011 3:59:54 PM, viewed 2115 times
New to H.I.T. Early Success

I′m a fairly experienced weight lifter with many years under my belt. I have done many training programs with varied levels of success.

I′ve allowed myself to bloat to 280 lbs. and have recently begun H.I.T. ala HD2 with a 5 day spread.

I′m posting to report that in 4 total workouts (Chest/Back, Legs, Arms/Shoulders, Legs) I am already noticing changes to my physical appearance.

I′m not talking dramatic changes, but my biceps and triceps are noticeably larger and more firm, and my legs and forearms are popping up with new definition.

Again, this is not dramatic, but noticeable to myself and my wife. I am NOT dieting, either. I wanted to keep up with a maintenance caloric intake plus a few extra calories to accommodate growth.

My approach is to monitor my muscular changes solely, by eliminating as many variables as possible.

I have never seen physical changes this quickly. the closest program to this was Body For Life

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cycotcskir (Parkville, Md, U.S.A.) on 9/12/2011 4:03:29 PM

Oops, accidentally hit post.

With BFL, I noticed physical changed on about a month with a 3 day/Wk with dieting

I must say, that I am impressed.

godan (F. Collins, CO, U.S.A.) on 9/12/2011 10:53:36 PM

Welcome to the forum. As an experienced lifter, you have a context in which to evaluate HIT. Many of us who have migrated from other protocols have found it challenging (or, worse, impossible) to Stay With The Program. Whatever HIT program you are on, I recommend that you stay with it, unchanged, for at least a couple of months. Then, you will know for sure what alterations, if any, you want to make. The next hard part is to make only one change at a time and stay with that until you know how it affects you. HIT is amazingly simple and effective, and those most qualified to be amazed have experience with other programs. If you maintain discipline, this will be the beginning of a fascinating ride. Good luck.

cycotcskir (Parkville, Md, U.S.A.) on 9/17/2011 1:28:51 AM

Thanks for the advice. I definitely lean towards eliminating as many variables as possible. Making one change at a time is going to be my MO.

Man, I really wish I had started this 20 years ago when I first learned about it.

Over my time, working out has been such a chore, that was just something that had to be done in order to get the results I wanted. Soon, my motivation would waiver... life would get in the way... the normal stuff. With this style of training, I actually - GASP - look forward to going to the gym.

If I would′ve started this years ago, I would′ve (most likely) kept up with it and wouldn′t be such a fat arse right now. ;-)

I just wanted to post this to add a little testimonial to those who may be hesitant to begin with a training style such as this. I was THAT guy! I was seeing results with volume training when I was young. To depart from something that was working to try something that was so radically different and seemingly too good to be true (even though rational and logical), didn′t make too much sense to me. My thought process was, "if it ain′t broke... don′t fix it".

Before I started out, I assessed myself and training partner in flexibility and 40 yard dash to see if there is any noticeable improvement. We took our measurements and some pics. We also did the Bod Pod. I′ll probably take pics monthly and we′ll be doing measurements and Bod Pod every 3 months to start out with.

If anyone hasn′t tried the Bod Pod, it is a very quick and accurate was to assess your LBM and Fat %. I have always been assessed as having a target weight of about 170-200 lbs. This is by the Marines, doctors, online calculators, and caliper assessments. I always knew this was way off, but I could never prove it. With the Bod Pod, I was shown to have a LBM of 203 lbs. That would mean that at 5% BF, I should weigh 214. That′s a real far cry from 195, which is the most commonly attributed number to me.


cycotcskir (Parkville, Md, U.S.A.) on 10/8/2011 8:19:55 PM

Well, I haven′t run a full battery of measurements and analysis (that′ll be at 3 months) but I′m noticing some pretty impressive gains in my 6 weeks of training.

I am kinda challenged at my gym because the machines don′t go very high and the free weights are no where near the machines for supersets. I have adjusted my leg workout due to necessity to single leg workouts to make the most of the machines.

5 total leg workouts.
Leg extension: from 160 for 10 reps up to 145 for 10R/11L reps single leg
leg press: from 360 for 13 to 225 for 12R/12L single leg
leg curl: from160 for 7 to 250 for 7
Calf raises: from 200 for 10 to 355 for 12

3 total Chest and back workouts.
Pec Deck: from 120 for 9 to 150 for 6
Incline bench: from 106 for 13 to 166 for 7
Pullover: 150 for 12 to 195 for 8
Pulldown: 105 for 11 to 145 for 10
(Back only)Deadlifts: from 135 for 19 (misjudged that one) to 225 for 10+6 Rest Pause (didn′t have my straps, my forearms gave out)

2 total arms and Shoulders
Not enough data to really establish much of a pattern, but I increased by about 15 lb. on every excercise.

As I have said, I have never had these fast of gains... especially from this little work. My best was a 2 week 20 pound single rep max in Bench press when I was 15 and just started working out. that was three workouts a week and the subsequent weeks my max increase was 15,10, 5, plateau.

Other than that, on the 6 day (3 cardio, 3 weights) Body for Life program, I would go up on my excercises about 5 pounds or a few reps every workout, never plateaued, but never gained like this.

I only wish I could gain like this working out every 3 days instead of 5. seeing the improvement really makes me appreciate HD, but also makes me a bit more impatient.

Oh and after 4 leg workouts, my calves grew 1/2" and my thighs grew 1".

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