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Started By Ripped (Ballston Spa, NY, U.S.A.)
Started on: 4/10/2012 1:53:27 PM, viewed 6702 times
Why once per week for most people!

While it seems the smaller details of HIT and HD can be debated on what is best, it really did become obvious to me one day as to why a consolidated once per week workout can be the best for most people. Here′s my story:

One day I went to the gym for my weekly workout. I walked by some fat guy on the bicycle on my way into the locker room. Then after changing I proceed to hit the gym. I did rest pause sets one each for chins and dips. Then I went on to the squat rack where there were a few guys with toothpicks for legs in which I had to share the squat rack with. They worked their way up to a whopping 155 x 5 for quarter squats. After a few quick warm up sets I knocked out a set of 20 for full squats with 185 lbs (I admit, not much weight, but I was giving myself a few easy weeks to work my way back up again). As I sit on the floor, done with my workout and catching my breath, they are still doing more sets. Then I get up, go to the locker room to change again, and walk by the fat guy on the bicycle on my way out.

My point is that what I do is so simple and it works. Even if I don′t train my hardest, as long as I train once per week I still keep most of my strength and muscle. As for keeping the fat off, I pretty much eat what ever I want most of the time. I watch the scale regularly and if I see the weight going up as little as 5-10 lbs max, I know its time to tighten up my diet for a few weeks.

Then if I want to peak, it′s pretty much the same thing except that I have to work harder. That′s when I start pulling out the log book again, working my but off, and beating numbers week to week. Again, I tighten up my diet for a while, apply a few tactics for dropping the calories enough to lose weight, and watch the scale regularly to make sure the weight is going down. After several weeks of that my strength is up, I have dropped 10 lbs or so, my belly is flatter again, and cuts are starting to show nicely.

Compare that to what the other guys are doing:

The pencil necks:
They can do all the volume they want, all of the fanciest routines, and quarter squats all day long until the cows come home. They can waste countless hours in the gym and they will still be skinny at the end of the day. Because they aren′t working hard enough to get results out of their training. That′s the bottom line. Some volume guys actually get phenomenal results from their training just the same and simply because they are working hard. And that′s my point. Hard work works, even if you are doing minimal volume. But without the hard work, results will never come.

And that brings me to my bonus. I can work hard and briefly, once per week for 20 minutes, get great results, and have it take no significant time out of my life. Great!

The fat guy on the hamster wheel:
Lots of luck buddy. You can run on the hamster wheel all day long if you want. But it isn′t going to cancel out the fact that you already ate thousands of calories worth of junk food today. You′ll still be fat and are probably still gaining, because you ate too much. And since being fat and overweight is harmful to the health of your cardiovascular system, that hamster wheel isn′t going to bail you out of the bag, because you′re still fat!

People don′t believe me when I tell them about losing weight with minimal time in the gym. I am sure of that. Look at all of the diet theories out there and you will see that they often try to argue against the fact that "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie". I can discuss all sorts of literature as to where I came to this conclusion from, but let me just point out something simple.

We have laws of science or things that happen in nature that can′t be changed. The first law of thermodynamics indicates that in order to lose weight one must be in a calorie deficit. The calorie deficit can be created by eating less, doing more physical activity, or both. And I don′t care how smart someone thinks they are with their fancy theories on diet, but this law can′t be changed!

Having that said, my experience has shown me that simply eating less is the best way to go when attempting to lose weight. Why? Because it′s simple, it′s easy, and knowing that is what gives you a clear cut way how to do it. If you aren′t losing weight then the equation hasn′t bee satisfied, so you have to cut more calories. You can take all the supplements you want, discuss all sorts of diet theories on message boards, run on the hamster wheel, do HIIT, do crunches on the new ab machine, but none of it is going to work if your calories aren′t the right number to suit your needs. It really is that simple. Cut the calories and the weight will drop. If the weight isn′t dropping, then you′re obviously still eating too much.

In summary:
Keep it simple folks. This stuff really does work! Work hard once per week, cut calories if need be, and you will in fact become ripped!

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Ripped (Ballston Spa, NY, U.S.A.) on 4/10/2012 2:07:46 PM

Bonus notes:
1. I workout once per week for 20 minutes and can still flip a 700 lb tire. Cool!

2. Google search this one. A college professor from Kansas did an experiment to prove to his students that the only thing that matters in weight loss is calories. He went on a diet consisting mostly of junk food such as twinkies, doritos, and cookies, restricted his calories to 1800 calories per day, lost 27 lbs while doing so, his BMI went down, his good cholesterol went up and his bad cholesterol went down.

3. There′s another story where a guy lost 80 lbs eating at McDonalds every day. My bet is that he was counting calories.

4. There′s a documentary out there where a trainer was ripped, ate McDonalds every day for a month, lost 8 lbs, and was still ripped!

HDfinland (Finland, : ), Finland) on 4/11/2012 6:53:55 PM

Same with gaining weight,some people claim it is possible to gain muscle to infinity by always eating same amount!
Bodybuilders are confused!

phoenix (london, nw11, uk) on 4/13/2012 7:32:10 AM

I can′t blame the fat guy on the running machine, he doesn′t know what he′s doing.
But I can blame PT′s who are supposed to know better yet prescribe rubbish routines to fatsos.
I saw this fatty at the gym and he was at least 300 pounds and his trainer had him do lateral raises with 2kg dumbells, and he was paying good money for this nonsense

B-WINE (Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands) on 4/13/2012 9:01:29 AM

Well spoken!

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