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Started By andyr (los alamitos, ca, U.S.A.)
Started on: 11/19/2013 3:13:05 PM, viewed 8374 times
Rest pause questions

I did one set Sunday and all I did was dips rest-pause style. What I did was that I added 95 lbs to my dip belt did a rep and rested to the count of ten, pretty much a max rep. Then in the same fashion I performed three more reps with approximately 10 seconds between each rep and very controlled cadence.
When I was finished with the last rep I performed 4 solid negatives. I am really beat and sore.
I couldn′t do this if I had done squats or deadlifts first, so I am going to do one set workouts every 5-7 days instead of normal athletes routine.
Can I do chins rest pause? Has anyone done them before?
I do not have a pull down apparatus, so chins are what I do.
Thanks for any replies

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blues1 (Philly, Pa., U.S.A.) on 11/19/2013 7:30:48 PM

Awesome Andry.

Yes ive done something like your talking about. But no negatives. Keep in mind they may dig a big hole into your recovery.

Greg Anderson taught me this,he called It his Trap Bar protocol.

I posted it here before.

What you do is a routine with the trap bar deads and overhead press.

You do a smooth controlled reps slow like your doing. Do one rep with the trapbar. Put the bar down and stand up,10seconds rest,do another rep,when you can do 7 reps in this fashion add weight. You can go heavier because of the rest between reps. Try to use a weight that you can barely to 7 reps.

The first two times I did this I ended up on the floor breathing like a freight train and cursing.

Next you do the same thing with the overhead press.

Thats its. Once a week for 6-8 weeks. Some may have to go to every 10th day near the end of the cycle.

You could try it with dips,you would just have to adjust to a lighter weight to make the 7.

But the press will work great with the trap bar deads. More easy to press and wait 10 seconds and press again than if you have to stand with a weighted dip belt.

In my case I had to clean the bar each time to press overhead.

I did have a pulldown set up and I tried it a few times doing it last. But only a few times because like you found out this can be a brutal way to train and the trap bar and the press work just about everything anyway.

This is a case that I believe only two exercises done like this can take a toll on your recovery. And may be all one can stand if you do it right.

I got stronger fast,and was able to add a good amount of weight each workout. Almost like when you first start on a HIT consolidation routine you make good progress for a while before they dry up.

This protocol jump started that progress again.

By all means keep doing what your doing,but I would drop the negatives,they can beat the hell out of you fast.

If you have a trap bar give it hell. Or a squat.

This can turn you into a mini Paul Anderson.

blues1 (Philly, Pa., U.S.A.) on 11/19/2013 7:35:43 PM

I forgot to mention,that you dont have to go to failure and you can stop when you can do 7 reps. But you do have to stop.

andyr (los alamitos, ca, U.S.A.) on 11/19/2013 7:43:57 PM

I will do basically the routine I always have been, but now just dips rest several days, shrugs or trap bar work, rest again, chins, rest dips and rest and so on

blues1 (Philly, Pa., U.S.A.) on 11/20/2013 12:22:07 AM

It can become intense. I think you will like it.

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