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Started By andyr (los alamitos, ca, U.S.A.)
Started on: 3/11/2014 8:52:52 AM, viewed 9644 times
Blues1 and his trap bar protocol

Hi blues1,
Yesterday afternoon I loaded up my bar with 375 lbs and as you instructed 10 sec pause between reps, I managed 7 reps. I′m used to resetting the weight on the floor but not a ten second pause. Generally I go after just a few second stop but with twenty or so lbs. less.
It wasn′t as exhausting a workout, I mean usually I am breathing harder, but it was tough enough.
Then I did a 4 rep set of rest/pause chins with 30 lbs on a belt.
I feel it this morning and I tossed and turned a bit last night while sleeping, so it must′ve been a good workout.
Mainly for me dips and chins for upper body, doing overhead presses and invariably The muscle between my shoulder blades cramps′s weird so I just don′t do em.
Thank you for the routine, it′s going to be fun
Btw I stand about 5′9.5" at 190-195 lbs

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blues1 (Philly, Pa., U.S.A.) on 3/11/2014 9:10:50 PM

Hi Andy,

First Greg Anderson gets the credit for the protocol. I just relayed the info and what I did with it. It started out as just the deads and the presses.

Some good numbers for those lifts.

I think you will find that when you add weight to the bar on the deads you may be breathing a little harder.

Stand up between reps. If you got 7 this time try adding around 15 pounds. But be careful.

Chins and dips sound like a good plan.

Have you ever tried db overhead presses with a parallel palms facing grip? Arms back inline with your shoulders?

AJ said in one of the bulletins he would have done presses that way instead of bb overhead presses if he could go back and repeat some of his own personal earlier routines.

andyr (los alamitos, ca, U.S.A.) on 3/11/2014 11:41:16 PM

I guess I had better get some dumbbell bars then :)
I did stand up between reps, but see I′m used to doing one rep after another deadlifting or squatting, and that makes you really a mess.
But I′m looking fwd to this little adventure.
I really appreciate your input, and if I can ever repay you, let me know

andyr (los alamitos, ca, U.S.A.) on 3/21/2014 8:22:35 AM

I rested ten days, did another trap bar set as you suggested but got 9 reps with the same weight. Should I bump the weight up a bit?
Also I did dips afterwards in rest pause style.
I woke up last night as I sometimes do with a minor sore throat and kind of exhausted feeling. Whenever I have a deep workout that happens. I′m not ill just thrashed!

blues1 (Philly, Pa., U.S.A.) on 3/23/2014 12:00:15 AM

I would up the weight for the DL.

You dont owe me anything. After all it was not my idea to start with.

Thanks for the kind words.

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