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Started By Danobolic (Canada, Ontario, Canada)
Started on: 1/20/2015 6:43:44 PM, viewed 1013 times
HD2 Ideal Log

This is my first cycle of the 4 day routine complete, as of today`s workout:

Machine laterals - 115 x 8
Pec deck: 150 x 10
Pull downs: 180 x 8, rest pause, 2 reps
Tricep Press down: 130 x 10 Super set with bodyweight dips +90lbs x 3, rest pause, 1 and slow negative.

Every things is up approximately 10lbs from last Delt-arms workout. That 4 2 4 cadence really makes you realize how much weight-throwing was occuring over the years - very humbling to say the least. Looking forward to added days rest this week as I begin my 2 cycle with Legs, Calves, Hams.

Can`t believe how fast this workout was, easily less than 30 minutes, including warmups and getting dressed...

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Danobolic (Canada, Ontario, Canada) on 1/29/2015 1:43:43 PM

Well, I didn`t enter my legs calves hams, but I really improved again, with 10lbs up on Leg extension superset. It was my first time doing Leg Press on Cybex, so no way to gauge that exercise. Did 7 plates for about 12 reps and my quads were burning so much that I couldn`t do another rep. awesome workout which was 5 days ago (Jan 24th)

pec deck: 205lbs x 7, super set with flat, Reverse Grip Dumbell Presses, 95lbs x1, RP 1, RP 1. Awesome. I didn`t have any positive strength left...

Pull downs: 220 (up from 180) x 5, 2 statics and lowerings. I should have gone with 200 lbs, but it felt a little light when I was warming up. Next workout will be 220 again, with pre-exhaust

Deads: 295 x 8. I almost laugh when I put on this weight because I warm up with this normally. Doing it as Mike recommends with a total reset between each rep is incredibly taxing! No momentum or bouncing the weight up is crazy and emphasizing the negative really creates a great pump throughout the entire back and erectors. Love this.
Next chest and back, I will try for more weight.
NB - i am very cautious as I have never been great with regular deads because of my structure. I do much better with sumo, but those don`t really tax the back much at all.

Next workout will be 4-5 days from now, and will be leg extension, smith squat, leg curl and calf raises. I may remove calf raises to compensate for the increases in weight.


Stevo (Perth, W.A, Australia) on 1/29/2015 7:47:17 PM

Awesome stuff Dan. Yes the reset on the Deads makes a difference. Keep up the great work mate.


Danobolic (Canada, Ontario, Canada) on 2/7/2015 2:28:34 PM

Last nights wo
machine laterals - 130x7 (up from 115)
reverse pec deck - 145x7 (up from 130)
Pull down - 200 x 8 (up from 180)
Dips - 100lbs + bw x 6 and 3 rest pause reps

Awesome! removed triceps press downs for this workout as I am fighting a slight cold and trying to follow mike`s advice by reoving a set every few workouts...

andyr (los alamitos, ca, U.S.A.) on 2/7/2015 4:41:59 PM

Keep up the good work
Anytime you have an illness no matter how slight,
Always rest and recuperate lest you turn a slight bout into a son of a bitch.
I got a bit of a sore throat so I reste all week but of course I had to keep working.

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